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Our hotel is situated in the village of Malpartida de Cáceres, population that possesses a natural and artistic environment, based on two large axes that you should visit:

•    The Natural Landscape of the Barruecos was declared Natural Monument by the Government of Extremadura. It presents a spectacular landscape dominated by large granite stone, sculpted by erosive agents for thousands of years. The capricious resulting shapes present the most extensive catalogue of modeling on granite, which has attracted the attention of geologist and geomorphology from around the world.

•    The Wolf Vostell Museum was founded by the German artistic Wolf Vostell, who is a fundamental figure of the contemporary art in the second half of the 20th century. He was the discoverer of the ‘dé-coll/age’ concept as a tool, father of the Happening in Europe, pioneer of video-art and initiator of the Fluxus movement. Vostell, linked with Extremadura since 1985 after getting married with Mercedes Guardado, met the Natural Landscape of the Barruecos in 1974. This space combines the beauty of an incomparable natural landscape, with large granite stones and numerous or lake with of the presence of the complex of buildings of the Wool Laundry, there since the mid-18th century. The encounter of this artist with this unexpected reality, resulted start-up launched an unique and innovative museum, as an expression of  avant-garde art; a meeting place for Art and Life.

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